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iamamistake;  female;  32;  American Samoa;  newyorkcity; 
I have come to realize that i am a lesbian but i have a very conservative family and im afraid they will disown me they dont speak kindly of LGTBTQ+ community and im stuck living a life that i dont want to live, im stuck with a guy i dont love and im in love with a girl i cant be with.
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jade8989;  female;  32;  Somewhere on Earth;  ;  11.02.2021
I'm sorry it has to be that way but you need to understand it's ok to cut toxic people out of your life if they don't support you no matter what they don't deserve to be in your life anymore.

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hunkman0009;  male;  65;  United States of America;  ;  22.02.2021
Well I dont preach to know everything, but girl your not a mistake, get that stinking thinking out of your head. I totally agree with jade 8989. Your 32 whose  life is it. Yours or your parents. They will just have to understand what makes you happy. It's obvious it's not your boyfriend so seat down alone with him one day alone and tell him the facts. About your parents there old school they may never fully except it maybe in time when they see you light up like a firefly smiling from ear to ear. I can relate to this in a way. I wanted to get married. My mom tried to discourage me from marrying this person. I said whose life is it, yours(my mom) or mine . What could she say? Nothing.  My mom.was divorced and I was embarking out in mine. She didn't like it but og well. So girl let your heart lead.you

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