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Valsolae;  male;  52;  Taiwan;  Bali; 
She is 17 and I am 51. And we're in love. Nothing sexual to it. The farthest we have even gone is holding hands or hugging... no kissing even.... but she is the dearest, sweetest most beautiful girl I know. It's been 5 months now, and when she walks in the room, my whole world comes to life. We see each other for 4 hours every week... text daily... but we live our lives in secret --- afraid to tell her parents. --- or my wife. The honestly funny thing is that I wasn't in love with her until my wife told her -My husband loves you- one day during our ESL class. Until that very moment I had never thought about her in that way.... and from then on our relationship grew. We've gone to movies (with my wife along!) and held hands in the dark of the theater. We've hugged behind my wife's back while she plays her stupid computer games. She's even inspired me to start writing poetry again. (I was an award winning poet in the 90's -- gave it up because my wife gives me no inspiration.)
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4, 25, 2018
22 h 2 min to update 
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