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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
I am ***this*** close to using my mom's credit card to buy myself a jacket I'm dying to have. The price is super reasonable and the seller is giving a bundle of free stuff with the purchase. I have pics of her card on my phone and the all numbers plugged in... I just need to hit the checkout button. It's sooooooo tempting. I want new clothes so bad and ever since I got caught shoplifting it's been so hard. I used to get new things whenever I wanted and now I can barely sneak new earrings. God, I want this sweater... the shopaholic in me is saying it will solve all of my problems and I believe her. Ahahah, also did I mention it's 2am and I have finals tomorrow? Classy. I probably sound like a total brat here, sorry about that. I promise I'm not, I just have a lot of emotional issues and I tend to think the solution is in material objects. It often is, at least for a couple days. Then it's back to depressionsville USA.Thanks.
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aspiegirl88;  female;  30;  United Kingdom;  ;  16.04.2018
I know this is a bit too late, but I truly hope you didn't use your mom's credit card to buy what you so desperately wanted. Material things are all well & good, but you would lose your mom's trust for good if you gave into your desires for a mere piece of fabric you'll eventually get fed up with. If you can't wait for birthdays or Christmases to come along, you could always offer to do extra chores for some extra pocket-money (it might be tiresome, but at least it's honest work & you'll know you've earned that money). Never go behind your mom's back & use money that is rightfully hers, though. Not only will it eat you up with guilt, but your mom will never trust you with her private details ever again if you steal from her. Sorry if this sounds preachy, but it's better to know it & be aware of how bad things could get if you make the wrong choices. For the sake of you & your mom's relationship; I hope you made the right choice, my friend. I wish you the best of luck anyway...

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3, 6, 2021
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