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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
This is weird, but whenever I've prayed, the universe has always answered. I've been on road trips with horrible traffic, and prayed for it to clear up. It immediately clears up. I've prayed for rain to stop pouring down, again, on road trips. The rain IMMEDIATELY stops, or slows down to a drizzle. Once, I was on the verge of harming myself, and I prayed for the gods to give me a sign, and it began to rain. It could all be coincidence, but the fact it happens EVERY time I pray, it's...a strange coincidence. Even just now, I prayed for my cousin's parents to stop fighting, and they did. I'm Wiccan for reference, but I used to be Christian. No matter what god(s) I've prayed to, they've always listened. Just a cool little thing I wanted to get out of my system.
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lookai;  male;  31;  Canada;  Edmonton;  18.11.2021
Dang,what a flex!!

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2, 4, 2023
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