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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
From 6th grade to 7th grade, I was sexually abused and molested by my stepfather (he is no longer my stepfather, however both my bio dad and my mom are also abusive) and about 2-3 times, my little sister who was not just molested but raped during this time as well, and I would attempt to -scissor- or touch each other not a lot just mostly looking and poking that was it basically. But then my brother who was like 3 at the time I showed him my vagina in front of his face, idk why, not for any sexual reason with him but I just did. We are no longer being sexually abused by our old stepfather, and haven't done that at all or hinted at it. I don't feel any sexual attraction to either of them. And I looked at things and they said most children who go thru sexually abused especially at a young age experiment with their siblings or have a confused idea on what's normal. Recently I have been feeling really guilty the nights I can't sleep and really wanna kms, so was it natural?? Or am I bad?
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questioninganna;  female;  33;  United States of America;  ;  16.02.2021
Don’t feel bad about this. You were young and didn’t know. I did some weird things with my friends and a boy cousin who was my age when I was younger. Mostly just like getting naked randomly. Once or twice the poke kind of thing. Kids just don’t understand at that age!

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questioninganna;  female;  33;  United States of America;  ;  16.02.2021
Btw I am very sorry to hear about what happened with your stepfather. :(

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crash99;  female;  27;  Somewhere on Earth;  ;  27.03.2021
I'm so sorry, that is is horrible what you and your sister went through. Being abused at a young age damages children's mind and make them believe what they are doing is normal so do not feel guilty, it is not your fault:). maybe if it is bothering you alot, a therapist could be helpful and I really hope you have a wonderful and happy life

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2, 4, 2023
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