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nebbimochi;  female;  42;  Somewhere on Earth;  ; 
I don't restrict for other people. I do it because i want to be beautiful, thin and pretty for myself. I do appreciate you calling me beautiful or lovely, but that's...not going to -fix- me. I see in the mirror some fat slob who's the butt of every fat joke you tell, and someone nobody can take seriously because every step jiggles and thunders. I do eat. Otherwise I'd be dead. I just eat in small amounts most of the time, and occasionally binge like a monster. I hate and love talking about this stuff- I love it because i never get to, and hate it because it makes people worried and I feel like I'm a wannarexic and don't have an issue with eating. Nobody wants to hear me go on about how drop dead gorgeous some models are, or how chips are a waste of calories. They want to hear how i'm making progress...not wanting to be scary thin, or anything about my disorders...and that's ok! What isn't is how people insist they want to but i know they just don't. Because it's scary for them. Oof.
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mckinley;  male;  87;  United States of America;  ;  27.03.2021
Instead of feeling sorry for yourself you should try to start making progress try cutting off your junk food and throw away most of your junk food. Go on a diet, get a gym membership don't be afraid and don't be too Prideful to ask for others help. Remember I'm rooting for you

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crash99;  female;  27;  Somewhere on Earth;  ;  27.03.2021
other people's opinions should not bother you, everyone had insecurities and to make them feel better they will pick at other people. live your life to the fullest and fuck what others say.. you are beautiful no matter what size you are, always remember, there will be someone out there thinking you are so naturally beautiful and not the typical beauty standards society has :)

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jiyo;  female;  24;  Somewhere on Earth;  ;  25.04.2021
It's about having control over your body. You're in charge of what you put into your stomach, and what comes out. That's what I learned in psych anyways. Not about society or about what others think. Having an eating disorder is about what you want for yourself, and having the ability to achieve it. The only set back is that restricting and/or binging can cause serious risks to your health. If it didn't do this, it would probably be widely accepted. You're right, it is scary. Mostly cause I don't really understand though. I just know what I learned in psych.

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