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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
I think I might be falling for my online friend and Iím very concerned. We met in a game and traded discord info so we can communicate when we can play etc. we get along really well and he makes me laugh a lot. I have online friends of all ages mind you. The problem I have is that our age gap is huge. They are 14 and Iím 30. Please understand that I donít sexualize children nor do I prey on kids. Iím so confused why I feel like this and I just want advice😭 he honestly makes me happy... and I donít wanna ruin our friendship if I tell him how I feel. We have a transparent friendship. I honestly have so much self hate because of this.
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forever.works.;  female;  25;  United States of America;  ;  2.06.2021
I understand that he's giving you attention you're emotional well being has probably been craving, and that he is being such a good friend and person to you. I understand that you care for him and you love the feeling you get when you talk to him..
But, under absolutely no circumstances is this ok. You cannot have a relationship with or even suggest a relationship with a minor. At 14, his brain, emotions, and everything about him is not developed. He is a child. It doesn't matter if your intentions are pure, you need to put an end to anything even slightly romantic. And if you can't, then you need to stop talking to him completely. It is not worth ruining both your lives. He needs to grow up. Maybe you can speak again in 4 years.
No matter how pure your intentions, if you really care about this boy, you need to stop before this goes any further.

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12, 7, 2022
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