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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
My husband is a functional alcoholic. Every day I hate him more. The way he smells, talks, touches me when he's drunk. He never misses work, none of our friends know and his family has no idea. He loves me so much and it makes him so sad when I pull away from his late night cuddle. But he reeks. He smells from his pores of beer. Slurs. Stumbles. I suffer alone. Will this ever end...
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johnjohn;  female;  49;  United States of America;  Summerville;  4.1.2016
Leave his drunk ass there file for a divorce hell I got alimony child support and sole custody of my son and daughter

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secretkeeper3;  female;  32;  United States of America;  Orlando;  14.1.2016
Better to be alone then in a relationship that makes you feel alone.

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mrtom;  male;  55;  United States of America;  ;  31.1.2016
You are not alone. I grew up in an alcoholic home. I remember my father would stop the car to take a drink with 3 kids setting in the back seat. I use to get beaten a lot both physically and mentally. I tried to commit  suicide when I was in the forth grade. I use to think it was my fault because I never ask for help. But, now I realize I was screaming for help but no one was listen.

In the end things got really bad, he tried to kill someone and he was shot to death. I was the person he tried to kill. He had a gun cocked and pointed at me. I watched him get shot and die. That was twenty years ago and I relive it every day.

It better to leave him if he not willing to get help. It will only get worse.  

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qaz1234!;  female;  19;  United States of America;  ;  2.2.2016
Probably not it will never end he needs help and you need to leave

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sterlingmaster;  male;  49;  United States of America;  Anderson;  29.4.2016
There comes a time when you must do what is best for you.  Leaving is the answer and if that does not wake him up---then nothing will. Buddha once said, "No one can save you but yourself."

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