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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
My brother and Dad seem to really like abusing me verbally and bring down my self esteem by a lot. My dad after he verbally insults me usually hits me afterwards. I'm only 13 and idk what to do to bring my self esteem up and my fear of them down. Like my brother will insult me, hit me, and then when I end up crying, he just laughs. It's really cruel and I've grown up my whole life like this. I don't wanna be 13 and depressed. I'mean always told to not let it get to me, but thats kinda hard when its in your ears every single day and second. Any tips on how to actually do these things without letting it hurt me?
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loveyourself;  female;  24;  Belgium;  ;  31.07.2016
I know what you're feeling. Ive been through it with my 3 older sisters. And this is going to sound dumb but there will be a point where you stop giving a Fuck or at least that happened with me. Eventually I just got to the point where I completely ignored them. And I do mean completely. They would say things, hit me and I would just not respond at all. Its almost like they didn't exist in my world. Whenever they used to see me about to cry they'd say "Are you gonna cry about it now? Go cry about it for me".  Please fight it. You're too young to be depressed. You have so much time in front of you.

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helpfulbuddy_16;  female;  26;  Somewhere on Earth;  ;  6.01.2017
let me tell you now..it will always hurt..no matter what you try to do to blow them off. What you can do to help yourself so it doesnt affect you when you go out in the world without them:  when around them, always wear headphones...even if you do have music playing, it will give the illusion that you're not open to the verbal abuse so you cant hear them :) make some friends, i know that may be hard being your age and growing up the way you have been. you may feel that your voice doesnt matter or have bad anxiety but you need to get over that...and fast. make excuses not to be around them, walking, parks, after school activities. LAST , talk to your school counselor...this will help. she will make you feel really good . This can affect you for the rest of your life if you let it.... make steps to get away from them , talk to someone..an adult who can help you. God loves you and im hear if you want to talk

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