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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
In 2002 I dated a girl in high school for a year. We broke up and had a strained relationship/friendship for 2 years when we reconnected. I acted like an ass and ruined the new opportunity to start our friendship anew. A few years after that we started talking again, and one night she admitted to me, possibly for the first time to anyone, that she was bisexual. I inadvertently shamed her with careless comments and jokes. She hasn't talked to me since. It has been over ten years since and I can't stand what I did to her. I occasionally look her up on Facebook, but her privacy settings prevent me from contacting her. If I dwell on it too much at a time I fear I will overstep conventional social boundaries and find a way to contact her.
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girlinblack;  female;  25;  Ireland;  ;  21.11.2020
definitely leave her alone. what you did wasnt okay and she deserves to have you out of her life just learn from this and dont ever treat another women like that again.

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hunkman0009;  male;  65;  United States of America;  ;  22.02.2021
I agree with " girlinblack"  leave her alone and get on with your life. You wounded her k. Females feelings go way deeper then guys. That why when two people break up its the girl that mostly cries not the guy. Just be mindful of what comes out of your mouth. Theres life and death in the power of the tongue

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2, 24, 2021
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