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Xero;  male;  31;  United States of America;  ; 
When having sex, I'm at it for upwards of two hours. A session will rarely ever be under an hour, unless I get complaints of soreness or something.. That being said, after dating a woman for awhile, and after a few "romps", it became apparent to me that I was the "other man", and she was cheating on her boyfriend with me. At this point, I realized that the few girlfriends I've had in my life, simply used me for sex. This has ruined how I view relationships, and I honestly believe I'll go the rest of my days without dating again. It's already been several years, and I haven't even so much as asked another woman out for coffee. I admit, I do get lonely from time to time, but the fear I have of being used and tossed aside yet again keeps me single, and keeps me from even attempting anything at all romantically.
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forever.works.;  female;  25;  United States of America;  ;  2.06.2021
1. The sex situation. It's great that you have so much stamina, but it does seem concerning that the reason you last so long may be that you're not being satisfied. Obviously I don't have all the details, so I can say for certain. However, I was in a similar situation until I ended up in a long term relationship where we really got to know each other's bodies. Once someone knew exactly what made me tick, it made finishing much easier. I honestly would rather have the best time ever for 30 minutes than a dragged out ok time for 2 hours. My suggestion is to maybe explore your sexuality a little more there and see what really sets you off.
2. Youre nervous about getting used again. Honestly, you should be nervous. I was one of those girls. Easily using one guy to the next, whether it be to fulfill my physical or emotional needs. I truly do think it's worth it to go through all the horrible people though if it means you'll find someone great. Don't let fear cause you to live a lonely life.

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2, 4, 2023
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