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Neridah;  female;  29;  United States of America;  ; 
Every day was sad and painful, it was living hell in high school, because suddenly I became the person I never thought I'll become. Yes, I was the kid in the corner, basically, even though I never looked it that way. I failed in every class, I had no friends, tons of homework for home, horrible social anxiety, I cutted regularly, preassured to get higher grades, no sleep, isolated from everyone. Like as if they putted a desk miles away from the whole class, that's how it felt. I had homicidal thoughts most of the time towards classmates, suicide thoughts, jealousy whenever I saw best friends together, I feared how people looked at me, as if they didn't know what to make of me. I was in a long, major depression process. When I got home, they cycle was: eat the food, sleep the afternoon, wake up to make half of the homework, then sleep until another day. It was hibernation, I hated life, I hated this, I hated everyone, I hated school, I hated teachers, I hated class, and half my parents,
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9, 15, 2019
8 h 46 min to update 
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