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aoiblue;  female;  21;  Philippines;  ; 
I kept myself from falling inlove with someone else, and kept pushing guys away... 2 reasons: 1. my father's rules that if we're still studying we should not date anyone until we get a job and are ready 2. i've grown to know that guys like you because of your body and beauty or that they just take advantage of you But now that I'm in college there is this one guy who pretty really like me and just ignored him knowing that he'll stop eventually after a week or two, but it's been two years and he still seem to like me but he hasn't confessed to me anything so I'm still doubting, TBH i think i like him back but i couldnt confess also. until one of my friends confessed to him which stirred my jealousy coz my classmates tease them. but i felt like giving her a chance for him so i'm letting them be but he's still trying to get my attention, which made me like him more but i'm restraining myself, but I don't want to hurt my friend...
 should I confess to him?
No. just keep it Yes. but secretly
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3, 26, 2019
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