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jaded-tiger-ring;  female;  28;  United States of America;  ; 
i don't think i want to date my long-distance boyfriend anymore. it was always just a lingering feeling but the more we date the worse i feel about breaking up with him too. i've only been dating him for 4 months but i can tell he wants more (sexually) than i do and i think i'm asexual and am not interested in this stuff (whether b/c it's only been a few months or i am ace, i don't know). i don't know how to bring it up to him and i feel guilty so close to valentine's day and in a month i'm seeing him in person. i just want to break up with him so i can stop having to think like this. i just want to have dumb crushes again and play with friends without feeling guilty that i think like this.
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9, 15, 2019
8 h 49 min to update 
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