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What if you discover your best friend is gay?
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namelessgirl;  female;  26;  Netherlands;  ; 
He is the actual oppressor and also the fun spoiler, party(party as in life) pooper, fun screwer . He wants me to just watch him have fun and not live my own life.Who corrupts me and everyone around me and in the end treats me like the actual juvenile deliquent when he is the one gaslighting me.He makes me feel like I'm in a cell when the real freaks(this one is literal) are loose. I just wish he didn't know I existed. He won't gaslight me this time. I'll admit he is really good in gaslighting, really fell for it everytime. I would always thought I was wrong, every-single-time. Have no words to describe what this dude did and still does to me. I'll never express it well enough. Lets say now I'm screwed . My personality aspects are glitched beyond repair, GLITCHED. My own thoughts make me uncomfortable and I never ever feeling secure. Nobody noticed I'm insane though, they only know it when I start having some sort of seizure or tourette but this is rare.
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6, 3, 2020
20 h 8 min to update 
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