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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
I just sent an e-admit about stealing my housemates adderall. But I also wanted to add that Iíve lied my way around the situation, letting another housemate believe she made the story of stolen adderall all up. I also lied to everyoneís faces by playing completely dumb about it all (I should really be an actor tbh). I think I feel more bad about the lying than the stealing.
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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
My country went into a what the state called a -social lockdown-. I was already lonely and now I can't meet the few friends I have. There is no workethic left in my body and my results are dropping rappidly. I'm considering finding a prostitute just to feel a human connection. My mental health has been non existant for months, but there is still 7 months wait time before a psychologist may have the time to speak with me. If you feel alone in theese times, remember that atleast I want to join your company. I'm just lonely.
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coochieman;  female;  23;  Somewhere on Earth;  ; 
when I was 13 I ran away from my house to a 17 almost 18yr olds house where I hid from the cops. I don't know why I did this, I had a good home and decent family. yes we fought all the time but I still had both parents and was/am luckier than most. I remember sitting in class one time and a memory of me getting sexually abused came to me. This memory must have been oppressed for so long that when it hit me I wanted to die. Right there in that class at 13. I told my mom and, we didn't have the best relationship but I felt I could confide in her. But I was wrong she said to me " stop acting like a victim." and "there is a difference between raped and molested. I stared getting heavily into drugs after this. Im not saying its her fault whatsoever but it still hurt. just wanted to let that out.
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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
Even though I promised myself I would not, I fell deep in love with a coworker. I opened up to him like I have never even did with actual boyfriends. The bad part is I left the job and he started to ghost me, now I am alone with a broken heart.
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An anonymous e-admission by an unregistered user.
no idea why i want to tell this to some randoms online! lol. everytime something big happens in my life that changes me as a person i just disappear. i delete all my accounts of every social media i have, without telling anyone, and without saying goodbye to the online friends i made along the years. i have done this at least 2 times, and today i am considering doing again. i know it's bad etc etc but i don't really? care? they won't miss me that much anyways. maybe they'll be worried in the beginning, but theyll forget me in like, 3 months probably. it's not the end of the world. i have no idea why i do this, but i do <3 it's not something i plan on doing when i accidentally befriend someone, but when i change, i CHANGE, and i cant have anyone holding me back ó also, not saying goodbye and just leaving is much easier than simply explaining to them. if i could do this in real life i would, with no doubt.
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thatoddartist;  female;  24;  Somewhere on Earth;  ; 
I've been in love with my manager for almost 4 years now. He is married and has children, so I've respected his boundaries and his marriage. But it is so painful to go to work every day, see him, and not be able to run up and kiss those gorgeous lips. I can't stop daydreaming about him and making up situations in my head of him telling me he wants me. I've left this job a ton of times, but I've come back and every single time is was because I missed seeing his face. I don't know what to do, my feelings for him are overwhelming and it leaves me no room to even think about being with anyone else. God it feels good to admit this, even if it's on the internet on some random website.
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Coom_chalice815;  male;  30;  Somewhere on Earth;  ; 
Im a guy that has few friends and most of them are not like true friends, but i still kinda like to talk with them from time to time, thats why i switched to online platforms, like discord, to talk with people...since then, i got rejected by multiple communities that i actually cared about...i cared about them like they were true friends...i helped them with their depression, their problems etc. but i still got backstabbed by them and they talked only bad things behing my back...since then, i cant even find a normal community or normal people to talk with...its just hard...even harder is in real life...i never broke any rules and i respected every single person online and people still talk bad things behind my back and people still treat me like a garbage...i really dont know why...i guess this is the only place i can confess something without being judged, i guess...thanks for reading and have a great day :)
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ar02;  female;  30;  Somewhere on Earth;  ; 
I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I had a real friend. I've had people to spend time with for most of my life but this was different. It was a guy, which makes sense because I feel as though I get along better with guys, just due to their values and sense of humor. It was someone I knew back in school but I don't think the identity was relevant. We were just in a dark room talking for hours and hours about things I don't even remember. I knew that I wasn't attracted to him and he wasn't attracted to me, which was an unfamiliar comfort. I think I was laying on him maybe, I felt warm, and everything just felt so laid back and unimportant in the best way possible. I'm in a long-distance relationship with someone I feel really comfortable with and I'm hopeful that it will feel like this when we're together, but we haven't even called for so long. I really just want a good friend so badly.
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